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2 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. First of all I love your blog. I literally just found it the other day and have fallen in love with it.

    Secondly, more of a hair question. I’ve noticed you both have extremely long and thick hair – I was wondering how you managed to get your hair in an almost perfect doughnut shape? I have long and thick hair also yet the more I try the more I fail. Please help!

    • Thank you!!! You are so sweet! πŸ™‚ are you asking how we get our hair in the donut bun? There are a couple ways that work best for us! One way is you tie your hair in a tight pony tail and tease the entire pony tail, once its teased and BIG you just lightly brush the outer parts so that it looks smooth, then wrap it aroud and bobby pin the sides! You can visually see this done on beth jones’ blog in her hair tutorial videos! Its called the carrie bradshaw bun. Another way is to get a thick tube sock that matches your hair color- cut off the toe part and roll it over your pony tail then just wrap your hair over it- you can google this too! Hope this helped:)

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